Lighting Essentials Workshop

+A repost and update from the older blog – original date November 20, 2009+

I attended a photography and lighting workshop a while back and it was a great learning experience. The workshop was taught by photographer Don Giannatti and it was an intense 2 full days of learning about various lighting equipment, setups and techniques and putting our new knowledge to the test. Five models were at the workshop as well and 13 photographers were given time to shoot with each one and try out new lighting ideas and get creative. I definitely learned a lot from the workshop. I was so glad it wasn’t just another ‘beginner’s guide to lighting’ type of course because I can only sit there for so long listening to people talk before I start thinking of better things like sushi and how I would love to have some at that moment so I won’t fall asleep. To be able to work with all the different equipment, models and locations and have Don there and other photographers to bounce ideas off of was great. I got some great images so thanks to Don for a great workshop!  For more information on his workshops and to see more photos from the Toronto session visit the Lighting Essentials website.